Covid 19 FAQs and our policies to mitigate risk – click here

Will your cleaners be following an enhanced cleaning regime between guests?

Whilst we always strive for high standards our contract cleaner will be doing a deep clean and implementing extra hygiene procedures during changeover cleans. Our cleaners will be following cleaning guidance/protocols/checklists we have produced based on government and Industry recommendations. We have received detailed guidance from industry experts including ’Quality in Tourism’ whose  ’safe, clean and legal’ accreditation we are in the process of applying for. 

How long will you be leaving between guests?

We want to take a belts and braces approach to mitigating any risk to our guests and our cleaners posed by Covid-19. As such, for the time being, we plan to leave at least a 72 hour gap between guests. This is in addition to undertaking the enhanced cleaning regime mentioned above. This 72 hour gap is not mandatory but we feel most comfortable doing this. 

We will be monitoring the level of risk posed by Covid-19 and looking at how the scientific understanding of Covid – 19 evolves and will review this position monthly. However, we are likely to be leaving the 72 hour gap for the duration of July and August 2020 and beyond that if we believe it’s appropriate. 

Will arrival/departure times be different?

Our arrival time will now be from 5pm and departure time by 10am. However, we will notify any guests if we are able to let them arrive earlier or leave later than these times

Will facilities at The Bay be open?

Any guests need to book on the understanding that certain facilities at The Bay, Filey may be limited or even closed whilst the risk of Covid-19 remains.

What provisions will be left at the cottages?

We are going to have to change the way we operate. Whilst we’ve previously been very proud of leaving lots of equipment & provisions for our guests to enjoy whilst staying with us, we are unfortunately going to have to limit what we leave for a while. This is to minimise exposure to items touched by previous guests and reduce the number of items cleaners have to clean between stays.

Will you be leaving welcome hampers?

To help get around the issue above, whilst still trying to make our guests’ packing/stay as easy as possible we will be leaving certain welcome and cleaning packs in bags for guests on arrival. These will have been packed by ourselves, well in advance and not have been touched by other guests. 

What if a member of our party develops Covid-19 symptoms before arrival?

Anybody who is exhibiting symptoms or who has any reason to believe they may have come into contact with the virus up to 14 days prior to their booking must follow government instructions to isolate and follow NHS guidelines. Such guests will not be able to come and stay at our accommodation. If this happens please get in touch at the earliest opportunity and we will discuss re-arranging your stay (see below).

What if we can’t come due to Covid-19?  

 If you are unable to stay due to Covid-19 don’t worry we will happily transfer your stay to equivalent days/period in the future at no extra charge. T&Cs apply.

What if a guest develops Covid-19 during their stay?

If any guest staying in our accommodation starts to show Covid-19 symptoms then they must let us know and all guests must leave the accommodation, if this is reasonably possible. If, for any reason, it is not possible for the guests to leave, and self-isolation is required to take place at our accommodation, then all fees for all bookings affected by this self-isolation will be borne by the guest.

Once any guests who suspect they may have Covid-19 have left we will need to leave an appropriate gap before allowing any other guests to stay with us and we will have a professional deep clean carried out to minimise any risk to future guests. We will inform the next guests due to stay, let them know the action we have taken and check whether they are still comfortable to travel. If they are not we will happily move their stay to future equivalent days/period. 

Will you offer a full refund if you have to cancel due to Covid 19?

If for any unforeseen reason we have to cancel a stay, we will offer you a full refund or the chance to move your stay to future equivalent days/period.